Daughters Feast and the Butchers Table

Daughters Feast is our signature dining experience.  

A table laden with food and flowers from the land, sea and garden.

Guests share seven dishes over the course of the feast, and break bread in full merriment.


We serve slow roast lamb shoulders, pork with crackle, beef shin shanks and whole chickens,

and pickle, dehydrate and preserve produce.


Our tablescapes are decorated with rainforest and bush flora

mixed with flowers we grown and fruits and vegetables.


On the menu for summer is pork belly, strawberries and crackling,

14-hour beef brisket, carrot puree and green goddess, 

monkfish with roasted grapes and zaatar cream,

and, burnt banana split with passionfruit truffles.



Enquiries (02) 9439 0045 contact@butchersdaughter.com.au