Friendship Garden

Michael crafted me a beautiful garden to grow a variety of flowers and foliages for Butchers Daughter. 


Miklos my father in law has flourishing proteas and leucadendrons, and his garden dedicated to his daughter Kim is full of rare plants and maple.


We are nestled next to a national park and to connect the colour burst of the flowers with the bush we planted a range of Australian natives.  


Over the years I have poured yoghurt on the rocks which are now covered in lichen and bury vases in the ground to give them an aged effect.


Branches that fall from the gum trees are lacquered and the husks from the ghost bamboo used for catering. Flannel grow in the dapple light under a jacaranda along with billy button and daphne.


We have an abundance of hydrangea, helleborus and duranta repens in all shades. I wire dahlias and roses to force a dramatic shape on the stems, and make little gardens with moss and orchids.


Ingredients are displayed in colour blocks of red, burgundy, orange, yellow, pink, purple, blue, white and apricot. The natives offer tones to bring the palettes to be one.


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