Dear Dolly.


I feel like I am talking faster but it is hard to tell.

My foot went numb.

She has her head in the stars.

He kissed me and my belly exploded.

I stopped using the telephone two months ago.

I had a good time little trouble with the police but I had a good time.

Wrap it in bubble.

Totally wired with a million and nine places to go.

Mark my world.

Swing your hips to the beat.

I want to lick your face.

She drinks all the sunshine.

Can we put on the news I think it might be raining.

You can really flash someone in this thing.

I can give you some free white out if you want.

Janie call the police.

You are coming on to the entire room.

What are you in for I talk in my sleep.

Man she's alive.

The places I have got to go.

Come on honey let's go drink our weight.

She has got a body under that boob tube.

Not all the fish go to the bait.

I think I am going to build a roller coaster instead.

Fruits and suits.

Has that catalogue got hot chicks in it.

Fascination street.

And everybody gets a window seat.

Cross between kermit the frog and the six million dollar man.

Think we a still a man short.

I made up the bit about the car but the rest is true.

Don’t touch the mechanism.

The man on the tape was not specific.

Right after the fireworks.

My flip phone broke.

Mona she’s sleeping.

She turns heads in her racy beige jumpsuit.

I just didn’t see the fast song coming.

Jeans have no give.

The fairlane committee.

I find tinsel distracting.

Big black boots long black hair.

Out of my head in the mood.

His breath made me feel bigger than the whole wide world web.

Everything is coming out all fluffy.

She can belch the alphabet.

There seems to be a page missing from my instruction manual.

Kept my face towards the sunshine.

I think Brian is a little out of my league.

Ricardo has a differing version.

Are they end to end or tall like pancakes.

She kept fuzzy little mints in the bottom of her purse.

There was a night we had.

He just flipped the flap.

I put Canadian coins in the clothes dryer.

Walking on moon light during the day.

He had mean chest hair, beard and burns.

She wore red lips, boots, black jeans and a work shirt.

Six in the morning gave me no warning.

You can tell from her attitude.

Same scene every night.

My eyes rolled right off the boat.

I will give you half my tip if you drink that.