Beautiful crazy things                 for the daughter.

Beautiful days, wild nights.
Beautiful days, wild nights.

Butchers Son is the sibling company of Butchers Daughter.  


We grow and remodel beautiful crazy things  exclusively for Butchers Daughter events, parties and weddings.


Butchers Daughter Venue in Crows Nest was built by us, we created a special place for Bridget to showcase her sentimental food and flower concept in.


Designs we curate  include food and beverage bars, canapé and feasting platters, floristry and styling props, decor and lighting.  


We lacquer beautiful barks and logs for their signature Daughters Feast to be served on. Canapé platters have branch handles and decor items include Bridget's collection of Lady Head, Silverware and Crystal vases.  Not one thing about Butchers Daughter is off the shelf, all of the serving ware, decor and infrastructure are hand made.