About Us


Butchers Daughter is a Catering company, Florist and Venue servicing the event and wedding industries.


We are dreamers and lovers of innovation.  We see food and flowers as a vehicle for shared experiences, and offer design-driven events to provoke meaningful conversations and reimagine food and flowers for our generation.


We are event specialists and design from the ground up, assisting clients with venue, food and flowers, staff, equipment and lighting.


Butchers Daughter are Gold Licensed caterers and operate from a commercial kitchen in Crows Nest.


The concept of Butchers Daughter is food and flowers.  Our approach is genuine and customer service is second to none.

Together, founders, Michael and Bridget Ditte have carefully crafted a company that understands the importance of working with a customer to create an original event or wedding experience.


“We have catered and styled Sydney’s grandest events and weddings, being creative is just part of our makeup. We love everything about food and flowers, are avid gardeners, and we are at the forefront of what is happening in the event and wedding industry. Together we design all of our events and weddings, from the ground up, and offer, a holistic service, covering all aspects of what is needed to execute a fine celebration. 


Michael and Bridget have 20 years of experience working in Sydney's hospitality and events industry.  


Michael worked for Fox Studios Australia and involved in the sets of Mission Impossible, Star Wars, Moulin Rouge and The Matrix.  He then spent over a decade with the Hemmes family of Merivale.  An electrician by trade Michael is the creative behind Butchers Son, the sibling event build and lighting company to Butchers Daughter.


Bridget has been in the industry since 1995, and has made a mark on how food and flowers are delivered within the Sydney events scene.  Prior to opening Butchers Daughter, Bridget managed ARIA Catering, Bayleaf Catering and Pruniers (now Chiswick).  Bridget has catered and styled events of up to 5000 guests and has travelled with the worlds leading bands servicing their backstage requirements (catering, dressing rooms and flowers) for AC/DC, The Black Keys, Lady Ga Ga, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Radiohead.  


Gold licensed catering intimate parties up to large scale events and weddings in over 25 venues in Sydney including our own space in Crows Nest. Contact us for more information.


We style events, homes, boutique accommodation, shop windows, hotels, offices and weddings. Contact us for more information.


Butchers Daughter Venue in Crows Nest seats 40 and stands 60, a unique space for parties, events and weddings. Contact us for more information.